Why wan reconnected?

I can see wan reconnected near 4:31 pm. but why this happened? also are these logs normal?

Looking at your log file I would say your whole system rebooted.

When your system did reboot this log looks normal to me.


what about this?

From the logs I have the idea you are setting up an ADSL like connection which is going wrong. Could be your ISP settings are wrong. But honestly I have to little information on your set-up to make any conclusion.

So the log is missing the part where the connection was lost, so no idea why it was lost.
"Unable to complete PPPoE Discovery"
Is what you get when the PPPoE client in your OpenWrt router tries to reach the PPPoE-Access concentrator on the other side but that fails.... your router sends a PADI packet and then waits for the server's response packet (PADO) and if that never arrives you get that error message.
The reason for that can be almost anything, from loss of sync on a DSL connection (in which case the problem will persist until the resync is finished and the connection reaches the showtime state) or problems with the ethernet port or even when a cable is disconnected or having a bad contact, but also when your ISP disconnects your PPPoE session (some ISPs do that for example every 24 hours or so) or your PPPoE client does not get the expected LCP keep alive packets and tears down the PPPoE link by itself.

The best way forward, IMHO would be to edit `/etc/ppp//options:

#logfile /srv/pppd_logs/ppp.log
maxfail 0

If you exchange the default #debug with just debug without the # (which marks as line as comment) your PPPoE client will give more information in the log (you can use 'logread | grep -e pppto only show the log messages containing the string ppp). If you also replace#logfile /srv/pppd_logs/ppp.logwith a proper path for your system, like e.g./tmp/pppoe.log` you will get a log file just for PPPoE messages, but keep in mind that that file will grow continuously so only do this for a short while during debugging or use a directory that is both large enough to store that log and not part of the router's flash memory (as flash memory, especially NOR has only a limited number of write cycles and writing too often can reduce a router's life time significantly*).

Maybe enable the debug setting and post the log after the next resync? BTW you can actually paste logs into this forum simply by copy and pasting it between two lines with three backticks each:

your log
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which will be rendered like:

your log
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You can also mark your pasted text and then click the cog symbol and "Hide Details" so the log will only be expanded if the reader desires it.

"Hidden preformatted text only visible after clicking the triangle
your log
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*) Under normal conditions the PPPoE log will see relative low activity (in my case once per 24 hourse a number of lines), but if you have issues that can increase dramatically.