Why there is no "Associated LAN Stations" in the overwiew?

Hello All,

I would like to see "Associated LAN Stations" in the overview ? Why that is not possible ?
There is active DHCP leases and active wlan stations, but no active LAN stations at all ?
Can that be added somehow ?

OK...on a network you [normally] have only two types of clients:

  • Wired
  • Wireless

You state:

These are all Wired and Wireless clients that obtained an IP address from the router.

These clients are connected via the Wireless radio(s) installed in the device.

You then mention:

  • Can you explain what you mean by "active/associated LAN stations"?

I can definitely explain why there is no "associated LAN stations" section - because there is no such thing as an "associated LAN station."

Are you trying to see active IP connections?
You can see that at Status > Realtime Graphs > Connections on the LuCI web GUI.

To see the MAC addresses of all devices the router can see: Status > Routes > ARP in the LuCI web GUI.

What I think he’s after (because I have wanted something similar in the past) is:
“What wired devices are connected to the router and CURRENTLY online”

This is probably achievable through some combo of:

  • dhcp leases
  • knowing what devices are NOT seen via wlan0/1
  • ping requests to these devices to see if they are active
  • repeating the process at an interval to achieve a refresh rate.

ping isn't reliable here, as depending on the client's firewall configuration, it might drop ICMP echo replies - and exactly that is the problem here, other than for wlan, there is no reliable indicator for wired stations.

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"CURRENTLY online" for an Ethernet node is, as noted, a wide-open definition.

For one definition, I'd look at the switch's arp table. On my Archer C7

swconfig dev switch0 get arl_table

showing "seen on-link within the last 300 seconds" based on

swconfig dev switch0 get arl_age_time
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This doesn't appear to work for my mvebu based device, so maybe unsupported or syntax slightly different?
Also, would need to find an equivalent for dsa configs when that becomes the norm. But yes, not a bad idea.

@slh yep makes sense. I think exactly the issue i ran into previously when implementing something.

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I can also imagine quite a few scenarios where ARP requests remain unanswered, if the client doesn't want to initiate a connection itself, be it in powersaving or sleep modes - or running a very minimal TCP/ IP stack (embedded devices).

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Thanks! That ARP table seems to be ok for me. Of course It would be nice if the hostname were also mentioned in that list.

This seems to be the arp software compiled into OpenWrt. I can think of many scenarios where running such software would hang if hostanmes were looked up (mostly, on devices without Internet or a DNS configured).

I can think of no reason that you could not inquire if the full version of arp is available in the Package Table, or if you can compile it in.

Try ip neigh show dev br-lan
If you want hostnames to be looked up, use ip -r neigh show dev br-lan

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