Why OpenWrt is bad in wifi ( Mt76x )?

Thanks bricco1981

Have you an exemple ?

tell me about your device, i'll compile a firmware tomorrow or i'll give you the source code to do that.

AFAIK, Pandorabox uses MTK drivers and OpenWRT uses open source MT76 driver.

That would mean OpenWrt drivers don't work very well and need MTK drivers

I have at my disposal at the moment a lot of material

Old routeurs:
Youhua wr1200js , Newifi D2

New routers AX :
Cudy X6 , Tenbay KUWFI , ZBTLINK Z100 AX

I have a computer with Debian for build firmware ( no problems )

Might be interesting: I found this just now :

no please do not say that, mt76 are great drivers but different drivers, i love both

The OpenWrt drivers may be excellent but I have big problems and for a long time

i'm not say no or yes they are just different drivers.
so do you need drivers for performance?
which device?
let's start with one at a time

For the moment if it works with the NEWIFI-D2

this one?

Yes that is this product

ok tomorrow as you like i can compile it or give you the code, right now I'm with a good bottle of Barolo, so not the best moment to share that, lol.

Add me into the queue, I want openwrt build with mtk drivers lol

what kind of wifi cards are there on this device, there is no info

I have two mPCIe cards (MT7602E and MT7612E)

we need make sure if MT7602E use mt7603 drivers, i do not have this wifi card, so i'm not sure.

looks like this card need mt7612e drivers too.
now the difficult part is trick or edit luci app mtkwifi.

flash ram size?

@Annick the build is ready

root@OpenWrt:~# cat /etc/os-release
ID_LIKE="lede openwrt"
PRETTY_NAME="OpenWrt 22.03.0"
OPENWRT_RELEASE="OpenWrt 22.03.0 r19685-512e76967f"

something is wrong here. all my devices mt_wifi are working really good.
let's clear how that it work:
if your station will be working on firewall you need create a wwan interface, and add apclii0, wwan to wan firewall zone.

if you will use the device as repeter, mac repeter, you scan, connect, add apclii0 5ghz, or apcli0 2.4 ghz to br-lan,,disable dhcp on lan, set a static ip on the same subnet of first router, and all is done. no wds, no mesh, no relay is needed.

dhcp, ip address, with stabridge or without, no firewall I have tried everything for several years and especially to watch TV...

Only PandoraBox works correctly with the TV.
Too bad I only have 250/200 MB/s in wifi but at least it works

With Orange repeaters WPS I have 650/600 Mb/s and the TV

please show network config


as i said your config are wrong.
i do not have any device with mt7612, but i have devices with mt7603 , mt7615, mt7622, mt7915,and that is working very nice.