Why is Windows 10 slow and dropping wifi?

I have one laptop that connects and gives 20mb

I connect Windows 10 Laptop via same Wifi and get 0.2mb download and 0.0 upload

Does anyone have any idea why?

Also Windows 10 keeps dropping the Wifi

Most pages do not load at all

And this is anyway related to OpenWrt how?

We do not have a crystal ball, or the time to gues your problems.

Please provide more information.

The router is running openwrt-19.07

It is running a client connection out and has an access point configured to which the laptops connect.

I have heard this somewhere before that there is something about Windows10 but could not find post about it here.

I suggest you check the drivers for the laptops wi-fi controllers.

Probably Windows 10 installed generic drivers, so I advise you to go to the manufacturers website, download the drivers and install on at least one laptop to test and if it works, install on the others.

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Maybe you can connect your windows 10 notebook to another wifi network, to check if the problem is the same or not.

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Good advice, I will give that a go.

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Sorry if I did not make that clear, it was previously used on an inferior router with stock firmware and worked fine.

I am going to see what drivers I can find as suggested by @topsbr although it is concerning that the performance is tiny fraction of what it was getting.

I guess another option is swapping out the laptop NIC, something that I have done with other laptops but not sure if this one will be so easy as manufacturers have stopped making nice detachable panels for upgrading memory, nic and CPU.

I thought I had made some sort of error in OpenWrt, it behaved like a DNS problem, but I tried another laptop that was Win7 and had no problem.

I am not saying that it is OpenWrt but rather trying to find out if there is a setting in Windows10 config that is something I need to remember to mention to all the people I am recommending OpenWrt to, especially as Win10 is so pervasive.

May be worth taking a look at the DNS settings, as they can make for very slow / broken downloads if misconfigured. In general, are you getting all config on the W10 device via DHCP, or is any of it static?

Use F12 (or whatever the browser needs) to watch the network behaviour and see if it is just slow or whether errors are indicated. Also the Windows Event Log to see if the device is showing any problems.

Do you have any wi-fi extender devices that could be part of the problem?

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