Why is the gpg fingerprint for the Release Builder signing key not listed on the website?

I could not find the fingerprint for the LEDE Release Builder signing key listed anywhere. I expected to find it at LEDE Public Keys. But (unless I'm totally missing the obvious), it appears to be absent. Is it listed somewhere else?

I know it's not a foolproof way to verify a fingerprint, but at least users can reference the TLS encrypted LEDE website to confirm the fingerprint listed there matches the one that the sha256sums.gpg file reports. It's better than no verification at all for those users who don't have sigs of VIP people.

Please refer to https://lede-project.org/releases/17.01/start#lede_1701_reboot_public_gpg_key

Nice to know that the release key's fingerprint is published somewhere, but it would still be helpful to regenerate the page LEDE Public Keys whenever commits are made to keyring.git. (Can't this be automated?) As it is, the first paragraph of that page makes a promise (that the list of fingerprints is exhaustive) which clearly isn't being kept.