Why is the default OpenWrt ipv4 address

OK I have a question for the big frogs in charge of the OpenWRT project or anybody else for that matter.

Why did you choose as the default ipv4 address after a total reset or a new flash?

This address is the default subnet NAT DHCP router address on many many private lans (including mine) so when you are trying to configure the new OpenWRT router and you put it on your LAN using the Ethernet port, you have an instant address conflict.

The only way I can work around this is to connect the reset OpenWRT router directly to the Ethernet port on a computer, then manually configure the Ethernet port to another address in the same subnet (e.g. so I can talk to the new router and set it up. Of course the first thing I do is manually set up the ip address of the new router to then I can plug it into my lan and set it up properly. This is a big and needless pain in the ass IMHO. Also for novice users this is somewhat challenging.

Why can't OpenWRT just pick another initial default address like to avoid this issue when resetting or in the failsafe mode?

If you do as you say you'll still have problem, as you'll have wan and lan interfaces in the
The most common scenario of OpenWrt is to be the main router. If you need to connect it on another router that uses the same address space, you can change the lan IP before you plug in the cable to the wan port.

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Hi OpenWrt started as a modded build of the firmware for the Linksys WRT54G router.

I think we just stayed with so when people flashed OpenWrt to the WRT54G they could login on the same IP.

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