Why is no one using NAT46?

I recently learned about NAT46 + DNS46 and found that there is a OpenWRT NAT46 Package: https://openwrt.org/packages/pkgdata/kmod-nat46
But I don't find any documentation how to set it up / use it. Is NAT46 a bad idea? Or why is apparently no one using it? I've only read a bit about it and liked the idea for small home networks to have a IPv4 only local networks with full IPv6 Internet access. But there is also not a ton of information available.
Is there a big downside of using NAT46?

I would say that it is a very specific use case without real life application.
What are you trying to achieve and you need the nat46?

Nothing, I read some comments on Youtube/reddit/twitter/etc. talking about "Use IPv4 for your home network and IPv6 for the Internet". I was googling how to achieve this and stumbled over NAT46.
I though with NAT46 I could avoid dealing with IPv6 and Dual Stack in my home network. But I guess the comments I read meant using DS at home and IPv6 in the Internet (or had no clue what they are talking about :wink: ).
Why does It have a real life application? Because of NAT64?

I would say that dual stack is the most common and there is no practical need for nat to make an only-4 host communicate with an only-6.