Why is FireTV not working with VPN

I set up VPN (WeVpn) on my router. Only my fire TV won't work properly, it recognizes I'm using a VPN and refuses to load content and run Netflix eg. When using the WeVpn app everything works fine. Is there a workaround through Openwrt?

PS: unfortunately it's not an option to run via WeVpn app because everything has to run on the same IP because I have 2 Echos as Wireless speakers connected. They won't receive an audio signal.

Depends on if your firetv detects an WAN IP linked to VPN provider, or a VPN app running on it.

I guess that means it detects it :slight_smile: but is there a way to hide this via openwrt? I don't quiet get the difference between the app working fine and the routerside config not working. Shouldnt that be the same? Sorry for the dumb question.

My best guess is that it has hardcoded DNS records, resulting in DNS leaks. If so, maybe intercepting DNS lookups and forwarding them to country specific DNS servers may fix your problem.

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Try running the VPN on the phone, and sharing it via wifi with your firetv, does the firetv work as it's supposed to?

Welcome godmag. Sorry to hear about your FireTV problems. There are multiple possibilities.

Netfilx agreement prohibits VPN usage. It is illegal to access Netfix through a VPN.

Please check for leaks at ipleak.net and post results.