Why Image is only available in snapshot not in mainstream?


I just bought a new router to use with OpenWRT (Linksys E7350). I saw before buying that the support was just added back in Oct 22 and that the images were available in the snapshot download. I was hoping that the next release would contain a mainstream image for that router, but I don't see it in 22.03.3.
So question is when do an image built/available in snasphot makes it to mainstream?
Is that occuring only during main releases build? as in 23.xx?
Or is it a problem with maintainer/support availability?
I browse/search arround but I could not find any clarification. If I missed it, please point me in the right direction.
BTW, I am running with snapshot right now, just wanted to confirm if/when I could go mainstream.


The short answer for the very last question is YES.

The other questions are more about a deep understanding of branch based version controlled documentation system like GitHub.

stable migration to kernel 5.15.x pending.