Why I can't login to luci by ip?

It just put 403 and push back to login even if password is right.
but it allow login normally in if I connect to router by openwrt.lan
and I have no idea why it would act differently by what domain I use.

nslookup openwrt.lan

What version of OpenWrt are you running?

Did you by chance have a different router earlier on the same IP?

Could you try a different browser or otherwise clear browser cache?

Addresses: fd16:ef75:faee::1
modiftied 17.01 snapshot (because stock 5G wifi driver doesn't compile on 4.14 and mt76 has bug on it.
but also happens on current trunk.
Tplink c2 (mt7620+mt7610e, with RTL8367RB switch embedded.

Do you have the error when you try with IPv4, IPv6 or both?

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