Why *-factory.bin is miss?

my device is phicomm_psg1208, after compile,there are ×-sysupgrade.bin and other *.bin file,but why there is no *-factory.bin,,and i found https://openwrt.org/toh/phicomm/psg1208 , has no *-factory.bin too.
why? anyone help? is the psg1208 only generate *-sysupgrade.bin? and can i use the *-sysupgrade.bin to flash to router(router' os is not openwrt),thanks

There isn't anything in the wiki pages or git commit about any special procedure to flash this model-- have you tried just sending the sysupgrade to the stock firmware's upgrade page?

There is also no flash instruction on the commit which adds support for this device...

i'll flash it by webui of oem router,may be brick.:cry:


  • If you can not find “factory.bin” firmware file (true for 70% of all supported devices), a device-specific custom installation procedure is required (Assuming your device does not already have an older LEDE or OpenWrt version installed). You can find custom installation instructions at the following locations:

    1. On the OpenWrt Techdata page of the device, check the fields “Forum Topic URL” and “Comment” for any external links or comments regarding custom installation procedures.

    2. Look for the corresponding device page in the OpenWrt wiki, if that has any custom installation descriptions.

    3. Search the OpenWrt forum for existing discussion threads about the device name or open a new topic in the OpenWrt forum, asking for instructions.

  • If you can't find your device in the Table of Hardware, you can consult the "Installing and Using OpenWrt" Forum for help. You can also try alternative ways to locate OpenWrt firmware images.

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