Why does the SQM Tutorial require the normal QoS package to be removed

I just installed my OpenWrt after countless hours of trying to get my PfSense to work but without any success, so basically my knowledge is pretty low
What I have done so far is
1 Resizing the root partition (although I'm not 100% sure I did it correctly because windows sees it extended bu the web GUI doesn't, maybe a visual glitch?)
2 Installing OpenWrt in a double NAT scenario because my ISP doesn't allow me access over their modem/router combo device
3 Setting up UPnP (but again I'm not sure if it is working correctly and quite frankly that's why I left PfSense) and yes I know it's a security threat yada yada yada etc
and finally
4 Setting up the SQM exactly as the tutorial page says

However because my uplink bandwidth is really limited (1.5 Mbps) any cloud sync app still causes major ping spikes and packetloss, so I was wondering if I can setup a regular old traffic shaper while still having SQM enabled

All input is welcome and sorry if what I just wrote is really dumb

Both try to shape the bandwidth exclusively, [unless you really know what to do,] both [would] fight against each other with pretty bad results.


Sounds logical, I guess I should try each and compare results then
Thanks a lot

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