Why does the site still show the 21.02.0 fourth RC as the pinned latest?

Is this something that was forgotten? I am reading and participating in the release thread, but the RC thread was closed 10 days ago, so why is it at the very top of the list of "latest" for me and the release thread is not there at all?

Where do you see the RC4 topic pinned?


I'm seeing the same thing, it's at the top but not pinned. If I use a different browser (in which I'm not logged in), I get a different view, in which the full release topic sits above it.

It's the forum software, adjusting the view for logged-in users based on what you have and have not already read.

@Sunspark I just took a look at the forum "through your eyes", i.e. I switched to your user, went to Latest, and didn't see the RC4 topic pinned there, neither in the #announcements category view.

If you still see a problem, please post a screenshot.

The pinning can be influenced by every individual user.
Your forum profile -> Preferences -> Interface


If you have read a pinned topic and you reach the end of that topic, it will be unpinned.
Of course, this only works if you are logged in. There is no such option for non-logged in users, AFAIK.

I have disabled this option for my profile.

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This is what it looks like on my browser..


I just tried it out myself: The 21.02.0 topic not being displayed in the Latest column is the result of "Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom" being checked, and the topic being read to the bottom.

If you want pinned topics to be always pinned, regardless if you have read them completely or not, disable the option marked in yellow in the screenshot above.

EDIT: At second sight I get your point.

Category view

Home view

Although the 21.02.0 topic had more recent activity (14h) than the RC4 and FWS topic (10d/12d), it is not shown in the Latest column.


Found the reason for this:

(pinned + unpinned) != not pinned

pinned + unpinned = you have read the pinned posting to the end, it is not important enough any more to be displayed in the Latest column

I went and scrolled through the RC4 thread from beginning to end, and also did the same for the release thread, beginning to end. It still shows the RC4 thread in the "latest" for release announcements.

My preferences already had "Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom" checked.

Is there any action I need to take from my end to jiggle it so it shows a different thread instead?

No. What you see is expected behaviour.

The problem is that the discourse behaviour expected by you is not the same as the discourse team expects it to behave.

Your expected behaviour: If you unpin a topic, it will have the same status as all other topics that are not pinned, and will show up in the Latest column just as it would be any other not pinned topic.

Discourse behaviour: If you unpin a topic, its status will be unpinned, and unpinned is not the same as "not pinned".

pinned = high importance -> show in Latest
not pinned = normal importance -> show in Latest
unpinned = low importance -> do not show in Latest

You need to uncheck this option for the topic to stay pinned.

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Ok, I think I understand. I have manually pinned the release thread so it will show instead of the closed RC4 thread.

Can you make the release thread in the releases & announcements forum a forum-wide pinned thread so that everyone will see the stable release thread automatically instead of the RC4 one?

Right now it presents the illusion that the stable release hasn't happened yet, unless they go to the RC4 thread and read it to find out there has been a milestone change.

It is already a forum wide pinned topic.
The reason why you do not see it in Latest is your personal profile setting.

  • Users which are not logged in will see the pinned 21.02.0 topic in Latest
  • Users which are logged in
    • and have the option unchecked will see the pinned 21.02.0 topic in Latest
    • and have the option checked will not see the pinned 21.02.0 topic in Latest

Ok, I tested it.. in a different browser where I am not logged in, I see the stable thread pinned at the top (good).

My logged in account I have now unchecked "Automatically unpin topics when I reach the bottom". I guess we will see how it goes when people add new posts to it, to see if it pops back up as a pinned topic. Right now it is not showing, but the possibility exists I may have glitched it further by pinning it earlier, and then unpinning it.

What a bizarre default setting.

I just feel like it shouldn't be showing the 4th RC thread because afaik I haven't read the firmware selector thread at all.