Why does QOS limit max bandwidth so much?

I tried both qosify and livy-sqm with CAKE and layer cake, both give very similar results when enabled/disabled. Setting input shaping to any value or 0 (disabled) does not help.


Is this normal behavior of QOS?

Looks like you're having a gigabit connection. What's your hardware?

Most ARM/MIPS routers can't really shape 1GBit and will be CPU bottleneck-ed with CAKE. You can verify this by running top alongside your test, see if sirq is pegged at 100%.

I'm running a Xiaomi AX3600.

Strange - running a speedtest on both the router and my desktop LAN - the only CPU usage I see is

22% [ksoftirqd/0]

quad-core means one core fully loaded would result in 25% CPU usage (htop is better at this) - and yes, ipq8071a is not able to route 1 GBit/s wirespeed, let alone doing SQM as well (semi-recent x86_64 however can).

Thanks! That solves it, then. Do you suggest a lesser queue type other than cake, or is it not worth it?

Without SQM, so plain routing+NAT, I could achieve ~600 MBit/s on my ax3600 - I did not dive deeper into the details with sqm (as I already have an x86_64 router that covers this aspect).

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