Why do I get this ? (WIFI Question)

I've installed OpenWRT x86 version (OpenWrt 22.03.2) and the router itself is running fine.

I've stuck an old WIFI card in which is a Qualcomm Atheros NFA222 as seen in wiki:

I believe it uses an Atheros AR9462.

I've installed:

And everything else is pretty much stock.

For some reason when I go to the the WIRELESS tab
I see two radios:


Both state device is not active.

If I use the add option and try to create an ACCESS POINT
Choose a mode,
Transmit power default,
Select ACCESS POINT mode,
ESSID name,
Select network LAN
WMM Mode on,

Under Wireless security I get No Encryption (open network) drop down with no other options.

Under the Advanced Settings tab
I choose country code and leave everything else default, apply save.

The Access Point symbol has DISABLED written through it.
Under the SSID it says Wireless is not associated

Screenshot 2022-12-23 201621

Any ideas why this is?

It also requires userspace wifi programs:

  • hostapd-wolfssl
  • iw
  • iwinfo

I think just these at the top level will bring in everything else as dependencies.

No wireless packages are included by default in x86 since the wifi hardware could be anything, and also most deployments are wired only.

Your card is selectable dual band. It can operate on 2.4 or 5 GHz but not both at the same time.


Thank you I will give it a go