Why can’t I download package?

I originally made this question in the realtek-poe tread link but no one in that audience seems to know why this happens so I do a wider question?
Can anyone explain what the difference is when I copy paste the package between the computers vs. install it in my github repo and download it in the package folder.

  1. I can install the realtek-poe patch on my clean buildroot on the computer and it makes a package in the network folder. And it works after build.
  2. I can copy the realtek-poe package from the above buildroot and clone a new clean buildroot and past the above realtek-poe folder to the package folder in the new buildroot and it work after build.
  3. But if I save the realtek-poe folder in my github cloud repo in the network folder and download a clone new buildroot with the realtek-poe folder preinstalled in the package folder. Well it builds without errors or warnings and installed the realtek-poe package but realtek-poe doesn’t work and it cant be turned on (error with init.d) and it isn’t registered in ubus list!?

I can’t get why it can’t work from a github download, it is the exactly the same files and setup on case 2 and 3!?

I also tried having the package as a stand alone repo and downloading it manually to packages folder and that failed as usual.

How do I get this package preinstalled in my github repo?

Wrong permissions I would guess. The realtek-poe Makefile copies the files verbatim from the files/ directory to the install prefix. I assume that at some point while copying the sources into your repo, the files/etc/init.d/poe file lost it's executable permission.


chmod +x package/network/config/realtek-poe/files/etc/init.d/poe
git add package/network/config/realtek-poe/files/etc/init.d/poe
git commit -m "Make realtek-poe init script executable"

You seem to be on to something!

The original has


And the downloaded has

-rw-r- -r- -

I had some idea that this had something to do with it but I thought it was the .c file that was wrong, I never thought of looking at the files folder.

I will test this in a short future…

The problem was that the /init.d/poe file lost it’s execute permissions when being uploaded to Github.

Found some more info on the problem.

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