Whole full dump for wr740n v5

hello does have anyone full dump of this router i need because i have ch341a programmer and my router is bricked i searched for dump on google but i don t find anything!

Thank you!

Be aware that overwriting device-specific data (such as the ART partition) from another device is unwise, will likely result in poor wireless performance, ranging down to none. Back up and decide carefully what you decide to overwrite.


I am aware of the fact that the partition art data will be replaced and take into account the possible risks, at this moment the router does not start anyway I will also do a backup, thanks for the help I found on a site a dump with this router on the following site : http://vlab.su/viewtopic.php?f=267&t=24257&start=60 (WR740N v5 full dump (fullflash)
software: 3.14.0 Build 160114 Rel.66554n)
but unfortunately I can not download the attached file
Last chance is to find someone who has full dump of this router
thank you

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