Who will call Init script in openwrt since rcS file is not there

Am just comparing buildroot and openwrt, in buildroot am seeing rcS file is present which will call all the init scripts and also sys_init but in openwrt am not seeing both rcS and sysinit. what is the replacement for above files in openwrt ? AM porting buildroot to openwrt facing some issues in init script please help

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Thanks for your response. what is the replacement for rcS file and sysinit file in openwrt, bcz am porting from buildroot to openwrt, so facing difficulties, if i want to add few things inside rcS how to add it

On OpenWrt, rcS functionality is implemented by procd in C code, not as script file.






Hi, is there a way to run the procd rcS command from my own compiled C code?
I am trying to do the following -> OpenWrt + Arch Raspberry Pi Dual Boot using Pinn - how to reboot to Arch partition from OpenWrt - #5 by dieskim