Who uses delegated IPv6 prefixes? Examples wanted

Hi there,

I'm writing a small script that mangles IPv6 prefixes. In order to test whether it works properly with all possible forms of a delegated prefix, I need test cases or examples of "real" prefixes. Therefore, I'm asking anyone who uses provider assigned/delegated prefixes to please post their prefix in this topic – you may modify the prefix for the sake of privacy.


Posting and modification rules:

  1. Please post the whole prefix including the prefix length (/56 in the example above)
  2. You may modify the first 3 colon seperated blocks of the prefix (2a03:801:c5b9 in the example above), but...
  3. please do not change the length of any block (so changing 801 to 12f is fine, but don't extend it to 8123 or shorten it to 1)
  4. Please do not modify the 4th block (6400 in the example above)
  5. Please do not change the prefix length (/56 in this example)
  6. If you modify the first block, please stay in the scope of global unicast addresses (first character must be either 2 or 3).

Thanks a lot!
Cheers :slight_smile:

Hope this is what you need... I get my IPv6 from Hurricane Electric's "tunnelbroker.net" service. They assigned to me a point-to-point link in the form of a "2001:740:121f:1329::2/128" address, plus a "2001:740:ebcb::/48" prefix, that I have divided in "2001:740:ebcb:fff1::/64" for my internal LAN and "2001:740:ebcb:fff0::/64" for my guest LAN.

For privacy reasons, I reordered some digits inside the second and third block.

Hopefully this is useful. I don't have a fourth block. All three blocks that I do have, have been modified for privacy reasons:

Type: dhcpv6-pd
Prefix Delegated: 2222:2222:2222::/48

how did you configure "lan" and "guest" to achieve that?
I've tried adding "list ip6class" to "lan" (which was without IPV6 so far) but it changed nothing

Do you mean ip6hint? "Hint the subprefix-ID that should be delegated as hexadecimal number (see Downstream configuration below)"



Nope, I meant this:

config interface 'lan'
list ip6class 'he_1_nyc'

(where 'he_1_nyc' is the interface name of my tunnel)

I see now I forgot to change "option ipv6" from 0 to 1, sheesh... now I have the same prefix assigned to "lan" and "guest" and here is probably where your suggestion comes into play.

EDIT: indeed, ip6class alone does not work, ip6hint fixes it, thanks.