Who understands eoip tunnel setup?

Microtik is launched in the AWS cloud.

Who knows how to properly configure a tunnel on OpenWRT 23.05.0-rc2?
Is there a working instruction?

I'm sorry to warn you that the images are not present.

what kind of tunnel?

I assume a VPN ...

or other

There already seems to be a 2y old eoip package in openwrt. You should start by reading its source

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I don't understand how to set it up on OpenWRT, the information that is on the Internet is not reliable, That I found it https://otito.pro/Linux/Network/eoip_1.html but this article is for linux debian\ubuntu.

Openwrt is also linux and the package is the one used for debian/ubuntu just repackaged for openwrt so go ahead and follow the tutorial

Mikrotik Router OS EoIP uses the GRE protocol to encapsulate Ethernet packets inside GRE packets inside IP.

The same can be done on OpenWrt or any other linux based device using gretap - on OpenWrt you can install luci-proto-gre and set up everything. Remember that for the full 1500 byte mtu you'll need to have a larger mtu in the underlying network.



config eoip
    option enabled 1
    option name 0
    option idtun 100
    option dst ''
    option dynamic 0

idtun = same on both side
dst = MT router IP