Who is working on the builds for the d-link dwr-921?

hi everybody,

does anybody know what developer is working on the builds for the d-link dwr-921 and how i can reach him/her?

i would like to talk about the problem that this router's lte modem loses internet connection frequently. this has been discussed several times on the forum, but no solution has been found yet.

thank you

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I'd like to know this too, should I buy a new one?

What about reverting back to the original firmware?
I moved to OpenWrt hoping to fix issues with original firmware.

But now I'm very frustrated after months of malfunctions.

I'm actually trying to set up a clean installation with an automated configuration because I'm still not sure if it's me, my router, every DWR-921 router or every data SIM connection with a router.

Now for me the next steps are:

  1. a clean and automated installation (see: https://forum.openwrt.org/t/image-builder-and-configuration-automation-for-lte-with-qmi)
  2. reverting to the original firmware
  3. burn this device and buy a new one
  4. do a private WIMAX with the hill in front of mine to get their ADSL

should I buy a new one?

since there are several people here who report this behavior on their dwr-921, i doubt that it's a problem with your actual device

a clean and automated installation

if you do this, please let us know if it solves the problem

by the way, what experience do you have with version 18.06.4? from my experience, it got even worse. versions 18.06.2 and 18.06.3 sometimes provided a stable connection for two or three days, in 18.06.4 the connection gets lost every single day

i still hope that somebody who knows the maintainer of the dwr-921 builds will reply to this thread

It's always random!
Now it's working quite good since several days.
And that means every 5 minutes a cron runs pingRouterCheckReboot.sh
Here is some data from latest logs, each row is a moment in day where the ping script failed, when two times are given it refers to a continued failure of the ping action:


19:56 - 20:06
21:21 - 21:26


04:46 - 06:51 (after daily router reboot)
11:51 - 11:56


04:31 - 05:36 (after daily router reboot)
05:46 - 05:51
06:01 - 06:06
06:16 - 06:31
07:01 - 09:56
11:06 - 11:11
11:31 - 11:36
12:51 - 13:11
13:41 - 13:46
13:56 - 14:01


15:06 - 16:06
16:31 - 16:46









As you can see in the last days I'm experiencing few issues.
But sunday 22 was one of those days!
In that day I also tested the sim card on my phone and it was working.
I tested also a data sim of a different carrier and it was giving the same problem: no connection on the router, normal connectivity on my smartphone.

Since sunday 22 I also disabled VPN and removed option auto '0' from /etc/config/network
In doing this I also noticed that the apn was wrong, it was wap.unomobile..it (double dot), and did not prevent the router to connect.

Now I'm going to reactivate VPN

For the automated clean installation I had no feedback

sorry, i'm not sure if i know what you mean...what is the cron actually doing?

is the router trying to ping some server to check if there's still an internet connection?

what happens/what do you do when the ping fails?

here you find the script:

it pings and reboot the router

I changed it to just reload the wwan instead of rebooting the device

ifdown wwan && ifup wwan

thanks, i haven't heard about this yet

would you mind posting your changed script here? it would be helpful for me since i don't know exactly which parts to change

it is really extreme that your router sometimes loses internet connection every few minutes, i think i already would have given up. it's not that bad with mine, but also something that i want to be solved.

you seem to have some technical knowledge - do you have any idea what is exactly happening in openwrt when the internet connection gets lost? i mean, is it a process that is stopped automatically or something like that?