Which Wifi configuration for a gopro?

Basically i'm trying to emulate this functionality from DD-WRT

I have a GoPro that acts as a wireless AP. My mobile can connect via wifi directly to the gopro. The issue i'm trying to solve is when the mobile and gopro are connect, they have no access to my main network.

I've managed to get openwrt to connect to my gopro's AP via this guide and a 2nd router


Now i'm stuck. How do I then get the gopro network linked into my main network?

What do you expect that "linked" means?

How would you want devices on your "main network" to be able to find and to connect to the GoPro? (I don't know how a GoPro reveals itself and its control/contents to cclients.)

Edit: Are you using two routers as shown in the video?

I have 2 routers yes. Only one has openwrt on it at the moment.

As for what 'linked' means, what would be my options to choose from?

When the mobile is connected to the gopro's AP, I want to be able to connect to the mobile from my laptop which is connected to the 'main' network.

"Routed" or "bridged" -- where the latter would put your network "under the control" of the GoPro, which doesn't seem very usable to me.

The video says that the GoPro has a fixed IP address, something like

If that's the case, then I think you should be able to just add a wireless client to the GoPro network and be done with it for that router. The problem is that if you have an AP on that router, it is on the same channel as the GoPro and they will "compete" for airtime.

Setting a static "WAN" IP on the GoPro-connected router ("Router GP") in the same subnet as your main router's ("Router Main") LAN (, for example) lets Router Main access the GoPro, with a couple changes in Router GP's firewall. Router GP needs to have NAT (masquerade) turned off and the firewall adjusted to allow forwarding from its WAN to its LAN. Router Main needs a static route for the GoPro subnet ( via the WAN address of Router GP ( With that, you should be able to reach the GoPro at If you need for the GoPro, for some reason, to access the rest of the world, the default route on Router GP needs to be the LAN address of Router Main (likely

Thanks Jeff, so just to clarify - I need two routers running openwrt? Is there any guide here that explains the steps in detail?


You only need two if you want to run an AP on a different channel than the GoPro or when the GoPro is not connected. It could be done with one, but I’d find those restrictions enough to use a second router for the US$20-40 that would cost. You could also use a supported wireless dongle as it would be as a client, not an AP.

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Thanks again. Not sure what has gone wrong. I've gone the two router's route. When I try to ping the gopro from a laptop connected to the main router, I get this

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Reply from Destination net unreachable.

What is the output of

ip route

on Router Main?

Edit: Re-reading the ICMP message, it might be that the GoPro doesn't "know" how to reach your laptop, so the routing issue may be elsewhere.

In the video tutorial, it appears I should be able to ping it. Here is are the results from the main router

root@OpenWrt:~# ip route via dev br-lan dev br-lan scope link src = gopro = main router = bridge router

OK got it working eventually. Can you tell me more about this

If you need for the GoPro, for some reason, to access the rest of the world, the default route on Router GP needs to be the LAN address of Router Main (likely

How would I configure that please

You’d have to read the GoPro manual or other GoPro resources.

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