Which VPN protocol is best?

I am fresh vpn user and basically I use pptp protocol for streaming. On last weekend with my friends, I was using Facebook from my smartphone. In a while my smartphone is going hacked and all data that already stored in my phone was too. At that time, I said "What the fuck is this" but one of my friend suggest me to don't use PPTP because it has zero level security.

Now, I have 3 different protocols option like l2tp, ikev2 and openvpn. Can anyone guide me which one is best for all purposes.

Thank You

Why do you think using a vpn will stop your smartphone being hacked?


I mean, hacker has hacked all my data. Now my device is working properly but I cautious to use any social media and text app on public wifi.

Recently I read about l2tp, ikev2 and openvpn. l2tp and ikev2 use ipsec for encrypted the data but Openvpn uses SSL. I especially read comparison of SSL and IPsec from different guides like

So, what do you think IPsec or SSL?

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It is more possible that you opened some fishy link or downloaded a malicious file and got hacked, rather than someone was able to break the encryption between your phone and the server.


might be possible.

or might not be possible.


More matters on cipher, key exchange, and peer authentication as far as security goes than the on-paper protocol.

Add in that you’re trusting an end point being run by somebody else with a commercial service.

Yes some supposed VPNs suck, but IPSec, OpenVPN, and WireGuard can all be.deployed and used reasonably securely (nothing is “totally” secure).