Which vlmcsd binary for RT-AX53U?

I'm a little confused. On my previous pfSense, there was only one (or few) binary for vlmcsd and x86 hardware.

Now, on my Asus RT-AX53U with OpenWRT 22.03.03, I don't know which binaries to use.

For what I read, my build uses:

Target: ramips
Subtarget: mt7621
Package architecture: mipsel_24kc

So what binary is the right from: https://github.com/Wind4/vlmcsd

MIPS -> Little Endian, Big Endian or some other?

Just want to start it via cron, no gui needed. Maybe somebody uses it already here? :slight_smile:

Greets and Happy Easter!

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'Mipsel' is short for 'MIPS Endian Little'.

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OMG many thanks @Borromini ^.^