Which vdsl routers are easy to flash?

Hi, i`m looking for a supported router which is easy to flash. It was so easy and comfortable to flash the images in the past. Now you have to open the routers and play with the hardware....My old Tp-link works for 7 years without any problems. I changed the provider and now i need a vdsl router (Annex-j). Which routers are easy to flash? (just upload the bin file and done). I have an O2 homebox which i can connect with the router. Thanks

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The Netgear DM200 can work fine as a bridged modem, but you may need to extract the xDSL driver BLOB from the factory firmware (info available here) to get a viable connection.

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Thanks i checked the dm200 already. Can i connect it with my O2 Homebox? No router recommendations?

If you plan to use your O2 Homebox, there is no point in getting another device with a DSL modem, your O2 Homebox already has has one.

You can use your O2 Homebox as intended by your ISP, as a modem and a router, then you don't need another device at all. But there's no possibility for OpenWrt then, the O2 Homebox is not supported by OpenWrt.

You can also just use your O2 Homebox as a "stupid" modem and connect any other router to it, but then this router doesn't need to be a "VDSL router", it can be any regular router you like.

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At high ISP speeds, a two-box system is more attractive since the Lantiq CPU in something like a DM200 is not that powerful.

You can, be aware the dm200 only has FE Fast Ethernet ports, so if your VDSL is faster than 100 Mb/s you will see a degraded quality of service

While you both are of course perfectly correct, note that the OP stated he's on ADSL Annex-J now, i.e., 25/3.5 mbit on a sunny day with clear skies.