Which torrent client?

Torrent client on 24/7 torrent blocked ISP


I checked the documentation, faq and searched the forum. Sorry if this has been asked before.

Been getting into more and more stuff running on the OpenWRT router. Previously I used a tiny windows computer running bitcomet with tracker connections going over a tunnel, and torrent encryption enabled. Then it works fine.

I'm wondering if something similar is possible with a torrent client on openwrt? I have on my openwrt router several gateways available. I'd like to run tracker/dht only connections on a certain gateway.

I can't see any options that would allow me this. Hmm... got any advice?

Thanks a bunch for reading!

Look into the "transmission" packages, you can download from the router unattended, and controll it from an application on your desktop computer.


Thanks for the suggestion. I really appreciate it.

It does seem that transmission can't contact the trackers or dht over a proxy or alternative gateway. That needs to be set up for it to work. Hmm..