Which terminal program to chose?

Wow, htop is really much better than just top.
But then, I discovered that my terminal, mate-terminal on the host system can't send the correct function keys codes to the server (router) system through ssh. The best way to fix that is by replacing the terminal program?

Probably so.

It works fine for me using PuTTY.

Perhaps. I would recommend any of the alternative terminal programs on SSH Access for Newcomers. I am very fond of Cmder...

Sounds like they are on Linux so cmder won't work. Although not sure why mate-terminal wouldn't work, it's just a fork of Gnome Terminal which I have no problems with.

I tried PuTTY, but noticed it does not has tabs-support, as mate-terminal has. And I can't copy-and-paste on it...

I will try again with it.

I copy and paste in PuTTY.

To copy, right-click on the PuTTY icon the upper left corner of the session window, and select Copy All to Clipboard.

To paste, simply right-right click on the command line and whatever you have previously copied will auto-paste.

To copy simply select the desired text with the left mouse button.

To Paste simply right-click.

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