Which sysupgrade image should i choose for xiaomi mi router 3(R3)

I am Xiaomi Mi router 3 user. I saw a very old build for my router in openwrt router information page. but no actual mention in the download or release page. which sysupgrade file should i download for Mi router if i want to use latest build of openwrt. I don't wanna go in bootloop again. please help!

Got a link to said wiki page?

Check here..in the Revert to stock section u can see a openwrtboot bin. Also check this link also from the same place wher eu can get openwrt sysupgrade kernel and rootfs. https://mega.nz/#F!WY0FiTIS!Cl_Dzm4yhzrQZFazYG3i8Q the link was mentioned in the wiki.

Can you paste the contents of /tmp/sysinfo/board_name?

currently i am in X-wrt. that part does not show anything.look at the output for - "ubus call system board"
"kernel": "5.4.95",
"hostname": "Mi-R3",
"system": "MediaTek MT7620A ver:2 eco:6",
"model": "Xiaomi Mi Router R3",
"board_name": "xiaomi,miwifi-r3",
"release": {
"distribution": "X-WRT",
"version": "9.0_b202102081450",
"revision": "r15823+1-f45d6f1cff",
"codename": "hirsute",
"target": "ramips/mt7620",
"description": "X-WRT 9.0_b202102081450 Hirsute"

I'm not finding any matches in ramips/mt7620 nor in the git log. Xiaomi isn't making it easy with their mix and match naming. Looks like for now there's no official OpenWrt images, just the Chinese X-Wrt fork.

well till Then gonna use the chinese fork. anyway thanks man !

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