Which subtarget support hardware offloading in 22.03

Hi All!

I'm searching for my 2 new routers, because my actual devices don't have enough flash and memory.

I need information from which subtargets supported to work hardware flow offloading in 22.03.

I need 5GHz Wifi, 1 Gbps LAN (4 ports), 1 USB2.0. (min. 2 cores CPU (over 1.2GHz clock speed, 256 MB RAM & 128 MB Flash)

I don't need specific model, only subtargets. I know MT7621 can do this, but I need more informations.

Thanks for help!

MT7621 is 880 MHz as per spec AFAIK. Never seen it clocked higher.

A lot of those numbers you can easily from through the table of hardware. It's searchable.

I need to know which subtarget support hardware flow offloading. I can't see in ToH.

Only mt7621 has official hw offload AFAIK
There is also ipq806x like netgear r7800 with community builds with NSS (hw offload) but I'm unsure how stable this is


Exactly, if you want higher clock speed than the mtk mips then it’s Qualcomm 80xx with NSS and dealing with how early it is in the dev cycle.

Or go with a low power x64 router and separate access point and have the horsepower to route anything without offloading and the freedom to use sqm etc as you see fit.

Don't MediaTek's ARM SoCs support offloading? I thought MT7622/MT7623 e.g. did.

they do yes. the mediatek one also does Wireless Ethernet Dispatch, some wifi ethernet hardware acceleration.