Which software packages should I install for the following functionalities?

I am a beginner with OpenWRT and now;
Which software packages should I install for the following functionalities:

•A one-click toggle to disable all the Wifi radios in Luci
•A device prioritization feature (like the QoS of TP-Link) like a bandwidth prioritizer
•Adblock (Done it before but ended up not working - I tried AdGuard it fails to install due to size, tried adblock on luci it ended up not working)

Note: My device is an TP Link Archer Ax23 only with limited storage.

1 luci-app-wifischedule (or 2 crontab entris to stop start wifi service)
2 sqm (or dont bother)
3 adblock-fast or banip

you have usb port, you can have docker or lxc with adguard, crowdsec and ten more.


nft-qos + luci-app-nft-qos could be an alternative.


Sorry to say but rate limiting is not working and I think it does not do what I meant.

The TP-Link stock firmware has support for prioritizing the traffic of a specific device. Is there any OpenWRT counterpart of that feature?

assumed that's what the Traffic Priority feature in QoS would do, guess I was wrong...