Which router supports manually setting MCS?

Hi all,

I'm a new bee in the OpenWrt forum. I want to manually set the radio to certain MCS for experimental use. Specifically, I want to switch MCSes to test the performance of a video streaming application in a wireless network.

Searching in the forum (and also the web) returns that I can set the MCS with

iw dev wlan1 set bitrates ht-mcs-2.4 1

where wlan1 is the radio in use. However, I've tried with two routers, Linksys WRT32X and Redmi AC2100. Both routers return with:

command failed: Not supported (-95)

The Linksys uses the mwlwifi driver (readlink /sys/class/net/wlan1/device/driver returns). Is it the issue of iw or driver? Are there any suggestions on which router supports manually setting the MCS? Thanks in advance!

Just be aware that modern wifi (anything beyond 802.11g) is a heavily fluctuating, dynamic system, the wireless rate needs to accommodate for that. Setting MCS values does not make sense in practice and is usually actively harmful - and especially newer wireless chipsets with fullmac'ish firmwares won't honour these settings anyways.

Thank you slh! Do you have any idea on which chipset supports such settings?

Is the OpenWrt the client or AP in this scenario?

Hi lleachii, OpenWrt is the AP

For the people interested:

I've test five routers, and some of them work with iw dev xxx set bitrates:

Xiaomi Redmi AC2100 [Does not work]
Linksys WRT32X [Does not work]
Netgear WNDR3800 [Works]
TP-Link TL-WDR4900 [Works]
GL-iNet AR150 [Works]

At least ath9k-based drivers work with the manually set bitrates. Using Openwrt 18.06.

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