Which router for a confused noob

The C7 is stable and failsafe, but it's completely out of its leagues with 350 MBit/s wan speeds

(the hard limit is around 175-200 MBit/s).

Not with the OPs speed requirements in mind. Might still be nice to play around with, to get familiar with OpenWrt, maybe as addon wireless AP - but it's totally unsuitable to route 350 MBit/s.

The price of the rt3200 fluctuates quite drastically, with a little patience you may get it for 50-70 GBP though - and it's more than worth that much for a wifi6 wireless router.

Personally I'd lean towards the CR25ing as well, as it sorts out the routing speed problem quite reliably and should be a good match, combined with a decent AP, but with the OPs requriements in mind, the rt3200 might be an easier entry into OpenWrt. Do not count on the wireless option of the CR25Wing, only a single mini-PCIe slot and afaik 802.11n (ath9k), this needs to be outsourced to a proper concurrent dual-band 802.11ac/ ax AP.

The ASRock g10 is a nice device, much faster than the c7 and often available for rather little money, but 350 MBit/s is not far away from its maximum routing performance and recovery is not very user friendly (serial console required). For the right price still a great option, even if 'just' as AP.


The CR35ing might be another option, for wired router.
6 ethernet ports instead of 4.

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but keep in mind, were you place it. As far as I remember, the cr25(w)ing has 2 permanently running fans, it is not really a device suitable for use in living room or office.

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One, not very loud.

And you could replace it with a Noctua.

the Cyberroam CR25 seems interesting - how well is it handling Gig fibre traffic ?

Are there Openwrt stable builds for CR25

Sounds like a good (cheap) alternative for Pi4 solution and it comes with 4 ports.

The downside I guess is the size and noise, but if it hidden away

at ~13% of the full load, or 50% of one (out of four) core(s), tested using iperf.

it's x86, use the regular x86_64 builds.

Fan isn't very loud, it's about the size of a 8 port desktop switch, 1U high though,
which is pretty much the same as any regular 4+1 port home router, antennas excluded.

See Cyberoam CR25iNG / CR25WiNG wired router HW discovery for additional info.

Sounds really good

Cheaper, and less boxes than Pi solution. (Pi and separate 4 port switch).

I guess the only other thing is power consumption, assuming its similar to a device/router than x86 pc

Just need to pair it with an AP.

Any downsides to CR25?

At 1.7A I think it might actually be less than the Pi.

Would be the fan noise, I guess, but you need to be pretty picky :wink:
But since they're used, fan sound can vary from unit to unit.

Hi if some one has a Cyberoam CR 25wiNG could they make a quick recording of the fans pleas. All so what power brick does it use. I can find one on ebay for £30 but it has no PSU with it.

there's only one fan.

your timing is bad, I sold mine yesterday, already shipped it.

mine came without PSU, but it's a 12V DC 5,5x2,5 center positive plug, .

Will a PSU from lets say a wrt3200acm work? I have one that is 2.5A How come you got rid of yours?

no idea, 2.5A is ok, the rest (voltage, DC plug size) who knows ...

It was bought (cheap) to do the discovery, see it it could be used for openwrt, which it was,
mission accomplished, move(ed) on :wink:

I have an AMD 5650G running on my router, already have additional routers on the shelf,
a Roqos RC10 and Trustwave TS-25, didn't need a 4th (should really sell the TS-25 too).

BTW op I think you should stick to the 200 down from VM that's what I am on and go for the rt3200. I am onley looking at the x86 router because I have about 8 or 10 routers as back ups. lol I am running a r7800 as my mane router and a r6260 as a dumb AP. I picked the r7800 up off ebay for £20

Can you just sysupgrade on x86 like you can on ath79 or ipq806x? Can you just flash from the stock webinterface?

if you use the squashfs, you can.

Those 4-port x86_64 routers/ UTM appliances behave just like your classic router, in pretty much every way - just that they usually don't have integrated WLAN. luci is present as normal, the four ethernet ports aren't on a switch, but individually accessible and can be bridged, bonded or used for VLANs, sysupgrade works as usual - and they aren't less stable either (11:13:30 up 30 days, 8:12, load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.00 - and the uptime is only that 'short', because I can't keep myself from doing sysupgrades).


Sorry, what does this mean:

the four ethernet ports aren't on a switch, but individually accessible and can be bridged, bonded or used for VLANs

Abit more fiddly to set up but essentially can work like a 'router'?

two of them will work as a router (lan & wan, ignore markings on the chassi, openwrt does), the additional two openwrt doesn't really know what to do with, so they'll remain unconfigured until you decide to make use of them.

...and in the most simple configuration, you can just add them to the lan bridge - so you end up with 3+1 ports (3*lan+1*wan), but any other configuration goes.

Ah OK. Of course, one will have to connect to modem so 3 ports spare.

Just need to find a cheapish AP for AC wifi

The only shame is the huge Virgin Hub 4. If only using it as modern, can't I get a much smaller one (needs to support 1 gig fiber)