Which RADIUS solution to use?


I have an Archer C7 v2. I am trying to set it up to use RADIUS authentication for wireless clients. I have another device, where I have freeradius3 running.

Now, since this device is freshly installed, I saw in the package list that there are multiple choices for this. In addition to freeradius3 there is hostapd and wpad.

Is there any clear and concise way to know what are the differences between these three? Or do I need to install the other two to try them out?

  • You need wpad (full version) to authenticate using enterprise options like RADIUS, wpad-mini is installed by default on OpenWrt
  • freeradius3 is the RADIUS server software itself

Hope this helps.

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wpad is a multi-call binary which has host and client control functions. hostapd-common is a script that configures wpad from your UCI configuration. These are the only two hostapd related packages needed to run an AP. A default build includes wpad-mini or wpad-common. Remove this and install the full wpad.

opkg update
opkg remove wpad-common
opkg install wpad

In the configuation, refer to your RADIUS server by IP address. Using its FQDN is not supported. If you are using a remote server, the radsecproxy package may be of use.

The ath10k driver for your 5 GHz chip (still) does not support dynamically assigning clients into VLANs by RADIUS. ath9k which is used on 2.4 does.