Which Proxy Server Software to Use in OpenWrt?

I want to create a proxy server after setting up IP limitations to use myself (multiple devices), and I want to set up multiple proxy servers in many kinds of devices.
For VPNs, OpenVPN is a single solution that works for almost all cases, but I find proxy servers to be more diversified.
I have various Ubuntu computers and VPS instances, and I find Squid to be predominant for normal computers.
However, I have two OpenWRT routers of which I want to set up a proxy, and the documentation said that it needs external storage for caching.
What is an adequate proxy server software to use without an external storage for routers with 16MB ROM and 128MB RAM such as the Mi Mini or Archer C7 v2-v4?

You need to clarify, whats the use of the proxy. I.e. tinyproxy you can use.

Then tinyproxy to use

No matter the proxy you use, if you're not going to write to "disk" storage of some type, you'll be limited by what you can store in RAM. Given that an Archer C7 v2 running OpenWrt v18 "idles" at less than 100 MB free (and only has 128 MB total), you're not going to be able to cache more than tens of MB of data. These days, that's not many pages (current estimates I've seen of the "average" web page size are around 2-3 MB).

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