Which pages need ACLs in the Wiki?

In anticipation of switching the main www.lede-project.org url to the wiki, we should set up the ACL's for pages that cannot be modified by non-admins (or other high-privilege folks).

Looking at the sitemap, I see the following pages that should definitely be protected. What others?


  • start
  • rules
  • register_yourself_in_the_wiki
  • about

Docs: any pages that refer to keys/signatures, such as:

Table of Hardware:

  • the ToH page itself (it's simply a template)
  • Certain templates that define/create the dataentry pages, etc.

What other pages?

This list looks reasonably complete to me.

I set all the above pages to read-only for the public, i.e. editable only by wiki admins.

Exception for now: ToH + templates will be protected later.