Which packages are needed for OpenVPN

On a self-built firmware (18.06.1) I tried to add OpenVPN, but when I click Services > OpenVPN > give a name and choose "Client configuration for routed multi-client VPN" and Add, it just shows a blank Basic Configuration page with Save and Apply, Save, and Reset buttons.

If I switch to Advanced Configuration, the four tabs are there (Service, Networking, VPN, Cryptography) but they are also blank with just Save and Apply, Save, Reset.

If I click Save and Apply it says "there are no changes to apply" and if I go back to Services > OpenVPN, there is no new row with my named vpn setup.

I have done opkg update, and opkg install openvpn-openssl, openvpn-easy-rsa, luci-app-openvpn, is there any packages I have left out? I also tried adding luci-i18n-openvpn-en but it had no effect so I removed it.

Edit: if I click Edit on one of the existing template rows like "sample_client" then the normal parameters appear to be there. So the question is, which packages are needed so that the templates in the Add drop-down will work?

When I built luci-app-openvpn directly into my firmware image and installed the firmware onto the router, it was ver. 228 and the OpenVPN admin pages did not work:

root@OpenWrt:/# opkg list-installed |grep openvpn
luci-app-openvpn - git-18.228.31946-f64b152-1
openvpn-openssl - 2.4.5-4

However if I used a previous build of mine without OpenVPN (or 18.06.1 from downloads area) and used opkg afterwards to install, then it gets ver. 340 and did work:

root@OpenWrt:/# opkg list-installed |grep openvpn
luci-app-openvpn - git-18.340.83383-3dea6b5-1
openvpn-openssl - 2.4.5-4

Was this a known issue with the OpenVPN package at the time of the 18.06.1 release? or should I be suspicious that there is something wrong specific to my own build of that release.

Please place all code, config, and log output within code boxes... three ways to do so

Any packages with i18n in them are language translation packages which are not required if using English.

The only potential package I could see that might be missing is openssl-utils, although it may be a dependency for 2 of the three packages installed.

LuCI should really not be utilized to configure OpenVPN, as it's convoluted and far easier to configure OpenVPN via SSH (see OpenVPN Wikis)

Yes I knew that they "should" not be required but the pages themselves were blank so I thought maybe some other bug with the LuCI package caused NO language to be installed and this might help.

This was indeed brought in when I installed openvpn-easy-rsa but since I didn't actually need that, (already had my server certs, client certs, etc, generated long ago) it was, again, just to see if the LuCI pages somehow broke because of this being missing, and if installing it might help.

I'd be fine with that but I'm also trying to update some docs to my less techy users in the field so it would be better to keep it as similar as possible to my long-since-documented set of steps for getting routers onto my VPN going back to v.9 Barrier Breaker's LuCI OpenVPN pages. Yes it was convoluted but it was a known and documented convoluted.

Anyway as I said in post 3, the OpenVPN LuCI pages become "normal" if I upgrade luci-app-openvpn from the 18.06.1 version (git-18.228) to the current 18.06 branch's version (git-18.340). So the problem of this thread is solved, but leads to my post 12 git question over here

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