Which package creates directory /sys/class/ieee80211?

I am getting an error in the syslog trying to get a mediatec wireless adapter to work on X64.
Does anyone what package I need to populate the missing directory?

Probably many packages connected to wifi devices since ieee802.11 is the wifi standard.
If the dir doesn’t exist already to begin with.

This would probably be easier if you share the exact log message.

To answer the question:
/sys/class/ieee80211 is created by kmod-cfg80211.

If you want to use a MediaTek wifi module, all you need to do is install the right driver itself, e.g. kmod-mt7615e or kmod-mt7612e. You may also need to install wpad-wolfssl or wpad-openssl (which both ship hostapd and wpa_supplicant as a multi-call single binary).

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Thanks Daniel,

I'll try soon as I completely have to start over from scratch. I'll mark a solution once confirmed