Which option would control sending a hostname on a dumb AP to the main router?

I setup two OpenWrt devices: a router and a dumb access point. What option would control forwarding the host names of the connected clients back to the router? I seem to be missing some of them:

On the router:

# cat /tmp/dhcp.leases
1642277447 62:82:xx:xx:xx:xx * 01:62:82:xx:xx:xx:xx

The dumb AP shouldn't know any of the hosts, if configured correctly, while the router would know them all.

I think dnsmasq takes care of that. There's a way to have the dnsmasq instance on your AP delegate the lease requests etc to your upstream router and have its dnsmasq handle them, but I can't find how exactly.

My first and only guess is that the client is a mac address randomizer device. Turn that function off in the smartphone or pad and you will be pleased.

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if you just use DHCP it's all done for you but Static IP you have to manually put them in

/etc/ethers solves it too, bud again, an AP shouldn't know the hosts names, since there shouldn't be a DHCP running on it.

That is the problem. Not only does it randomize the MAC address but it omits the device's hostname. Re-enabling it passes a random MAC address and no hostname. Thanks for this suggestion!

Backstory is that I renamed my SSIDs a few weeks ago and reentered them into the iOS devices. In doing so, must not have disabled the privacy feature which is defaulted.

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