Which last longer? NANO disk in Router or SSD disk in X86 PC


I usually power off the router at night.

I wonder the difference between the NANO disk in router and the SSD disk in X86 PC. Is NANO disk actually a SSD in smaller size?

If yes, assuming the NANO disk and the SSD is the same quality, if I power off the router at night everyday, then an ARM router with NANO disk and a X86 router with SSD should last for the same for their disks?


NANO (or did you mean NAND?) and SSD will last the same amount of time as long as you don't write any data to it. Reading data from flash doesn't shorter their life in anyway. Turning off your power for the night has no impact either.

In case you indeed mean NAND vs SSD (SATA, NVMe, etc.), the real SSD will most certainly have better wear leveling and better protection against sudden power losses. If this matters for the router use case, with LEDE trying to minimize flash writes and using ubi for NAND flash is another question, unless you want to use the router's main flash as fileserver or proxy, it should be fine.

Thanks a lot for the above answers.

Yes, I mean NAND, sorry for the misbelling.

Then it should be fine because I only use the router's main flash to store the firmware.