Which is better? Built-in SSL or luci-SSL, open-SSL?


Which SSL should I use for HTTPS connections? Which is the best? Which is harder to decrypt? Is it not possible to decrypt the built-in SSL? Is it better to install a package instead? Is it better?

Standard is based on wolfssl and the optional is based on openssl.

They do the same job.

Does your enemy have a quantum computer or will soon have a quantum computer?

Normally as of today it is usually not often expected to happen.

What package? Everything is packages…


The two things that makes asymetric cryptos weak is still some kind of password that is weaker than the crypto and to make crypto keys on seed weak devices like routers and raspberrypi etc where truly random data is pretty much non random.
But when the quantum computers arrive we have a completely new ballpark to handle anyway.

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Both OpenSSL and WolfSSL provide an implementation of TLS (what https uses). TLS is a very big and complex standard with lots of corner cases, not to mention all of the small differences in how you can use it (browser compatibility, etc).

In an ideal world they are both identical in levels of security. In reality both will have bugs that get discovered over time. It's really hard to predict which will be better.

Best not to worry about this. Just make sure you're on the latest version as soon as it gets announced

To get a feel of the paranoia the OP is dealing with, look at his other recent topic: