Which hardware to make Wifi Bridge with external Wifi Antenna with sma connector


I currently use Wifi bridge to connect 2 building with a distance of 50 meters.
This bridge is made with OpenWRT on obsolete TP-Link routers with external antennas connected with SMA connector.
I need to replace theses routers, but I cannnot find routers with SMA connectors compatible with OpenWRT.
For example, I've just order TPLink Archer C7, but the external antennas are fixe. I cannot replace them with SMA Antennas.

Does anyone has an Idea?

E.g. ubiquiti and tp-link have some OpenWrt supported outdoor devices with integrated directional antennas.

Just replacing antennas on modern (wifi5+) APs rarely brings good results, as you break MIMO/ Mu-MIMO and other inherent expectations (and certification as well).

Does https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_detachable_antennas yield anything useful for you?

doss the buildings share a common power grid ? in that case, use power lan adapters.

if not, perhaps Comfast / Joowin EW72 could fit ?

Many products have U.FL or mmcx connectors which can be converted to sma with a pigtail.