Which hardware for x Mbit OpenVPN


well, in case of sqm performance, it would be great to filter devices by wan dl/upload rate.


The TL-WDR3600 can still cope with 100/40 MBit/s, but not much more (I'd say 120-150 MBit/s at most; it does regularly hit 0% idle intermittently under load - without SQM), the ipq40xx SOCs have more headroom (especially as it has multiple cores, with one serving the IRQs of ethernet, another taking care of WLAN, the third doing PPPoE, the fourth SQM, etc.).


Alternatives for graphs I can offer:

Offline generated

  • more / better options for visualization
  • updates depending on the one who created the graphic

wiki integrated



Questions to you, the forum and wiki users:

  • Which graphic do you prefer and why: Offline generated or wiki integrated?
  • Are the numbers shown reasonable? If not, what numbers shall be shown?
  • Does the split in up/download make sense?
  • Any other targets to be added?
  • Any other performance criteria to be added (perhaps in a separate graphic?)
  • Other comments?
  • Sketches how such graphics should look like are also welcome

Please let me know your thoughts.


No. X86 with AES-NI will probably do 300Mbps, without 100Mbps, mvebu I'd be surprised if it were doing 100-200.

For example https://forum.netgate.com/topic/103216/pfsense-hardware-for-home-router-openvpn-performance/2

My espressobin will do about 400Mbps routing and SQM, I can't see turning on OpenVPN and off SQM and suddenly it's twice as fast. Encryption and moving packets to and from userspace are easily going to be more demanding than SQM.

My j1900 will route and SQM about 900Mbps, but that site above suggests 80-100Mbps OpenVPN


Wiki, because it's easier to maintain/update and perform revision check.

No point, if the difference is less than the measurement error.
Added "Up/Down" note.

Optimized the color a bit.


The lighter color for the columns is good!

@ all:

  • Feel free to add other relevant targets or accompanying text to https://openwrt.org/inbox/openvpn_performance, or adapt the values to more realistic ones
  • Feel free to create similar graphics in the inbox for other performance indicators, which allow the user to get a first rough direction on which target to select for his requirements