Which forum software are you using?

I like the clean interface, and de modern look and working of these forum.

I am one of the administrators of a forum running under an old version of Vbulletin.
It is getting obsolete and vbulleting 5 does not fit us for several reasons.

We are thinking jumping to another forum software.

May you please tell me the forum software you are using? And the themes and plugins?

I know you probably are reluctant to publish that in a public post.

I would be gratefull if you send me a private message with that info.

Thanks a lot.

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Actually i have the same question in my mind. I am using it on a mobile device and i have asked to add a shortcut to open it in mobile device when i have visited the website first time with chrome browser in my mobile device. Now, i open it with this shortcut and it is very adaptable. I mean, it has a mobile application feeling, it doesnt feel like a website navigation.

Thank you for the answers.

I see it is not based in the standard apache/mysql/php.
It uses postgres, ruby on rails and needs a dedicated linus machine or virtual machine using a docker package.

I will see if we are able to install docker packages in our server.
I suppose it will work too in an ubuntu virtual server.

It seems to be able to migrate from vbulletin.
But difficult for us, as we have a 10GB database and 130GB+ files. Not easy to try to migrate it.

I will try it for sure, as I have liked it a lot. And it is opensource, that is a must for us.

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