Which firmware should I use with GoIP gsm gateway

I have gsm gateway (GoIP) I want to use openwrt with it, please lead me to the right way,

Is there any body

@Ahmed_basha, welcome to the community!

Are you saying you're seeking a device, or you want to re-flash your gateway.

If you want to reflash, please provide the make/model information to see if it's supported. Thanks.

Whatever version you have (GOIP1, GOIP4, GOIP8, GOIP16), it is not supported by OpenWrt yet and you have to add support for this device yourself.


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I have GoIP16 and I want to reflash it and getting ssh, telnet on it:
This is hardware :
ARM9E high-speed processor
Voice coding and voice digital signal processor
Two 10/100MB Ethernet ports that support the IEEE 802.3 standard and
connect the LAN and PC
LED that displays the status of Ethernet ports
Ethernet cable
SIM card that supports the GSM 900M/1800M and GSM 850M/1900M bands

And this is the software
Embedded HTTP that accesses internal parameters
PPPoE dialing
NAT broadband routing function
DHCP client
DHCP server
Software online upgrade
Automatic calling
Supporting multiple languages
Supporting outgoing SMS calls

Hello, am still do not know from where can I start, I just want to install vpn like openvpn