Which firmware should I use for a TP-Link AC2600 router (version 1.0)

Selecting the correct version is so important yet so complicated (to me). Which is the best version to use (if I don't want to compile the snapshot) for my router?

"Best" depends on what you're looking for

At this moment, I'd recommend the pre-compiled openwrt-18.06 snapshots unless someone has very specific needs as they are going to be very close to the 18.06 release. When the 18.06 beta is cut, I'd recommend that over the pre-compiled snapshots, again for those without specific needs.

Thanks for your response Jeff.
That narrows down the release, but which package should I get from here: https://downloads.lede-project.org/releases/packages-18.06/

I was able to get the upgrade from here: