Which firmware(EU or US) to use to revert to OEM firmware from OpenWRT on TP-LINK Archer C6

I want to revert back to OEM firmware from OpenWRT. The link to OEM Firmware given in the tech page of my router is for EU Firmware which is V3.20. But the Status>System info on my Luci Dashboard reflects that it is TP-Link Archer C6 v3. So should I install the US firmware or EU firmware? I bought the Router in India, But I dont know whether they sell US version or EU version. The official Indian Site of TP link Provides only US Firmware.

The country code should be on the label on the bottom with the model number. The stock bootloader will only accept firmware with matching country in its header.

Hey thanks for replying.

I just checked the model and can confirm it is the US version.

Thanks for helping me out.

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