Which EPSON-related SANE package?

I'd like to setup my USB scanner (EPSON v700) such that it's accessible over the network, but I'm both pleased and puzzled at the apparent variety of packages available to me for getting the "backend" working. Which of the following should I be using for a router running 19.07.3?

  1. sane-epson
  2. sane-epson2
  3. sane-epsonds

As for the frontend, I'm guessing that would be sane-frontends?

I'm reluctant to contact the developer directly (it's the same individual for all three backend packages), as I'm sure he didn't sign up for the task of technical support.


After some investigation, it seems that the following descriptions (taken from the raw man pages at https://gitlab.com/sane-project/backends/-/blob/master/doc/) apply:

  1. sane-epson: the basic driver
  2. sane-espon2: the basic driver, plus additional modes of access (eg network) for some models. In the case of the v700, IEEE-1394 is shown in addition to USB
  3. sane-esponds: support for very specific models of the EPSON line ( ESC/I-2 models)