Which daemon will do auto-rollback?

Hi all,

At OpenWRT 19.07.8, when I do some changes at WebUI and click "Save & Apply".
Then, I close the browser. After about 90 seconds, the device will auto rollback the changes back.

My question is which daemon will do auto-rollback? Thanks.

Hi All,

Looks like rpcd is the daemon will do auto-rollback.

I have more questions about auto-rollback, please check following images.

  1. I try to change some from WebUI.

  2. I click "Save & Apply".

  3. I wait for the result and Luci report okay. From log, you can see the device already connect to my router.

  4. I still open my browser and wait for about 90s, anything is auto-rollback!!!

My question is why auto-rollback will happen? Luci already report "Configuration changes applied."
Please help. I have no idea about how to debug this. Thanks.

This could be because of the Apply unchecked function - there's a second apply dialogue after 90 (?) sec. But I'm not sure it applies here.

Hi @frollic ,

Thanks for replying quickly.

  1. Yes, I know there is an " Apply unchecked" I can use.
  2. Yes, 90s is timeout. The option rollback at /etc/config/luci.

But, I want to understand why auto-rollback will happen. Thanks.

I see you're using uswgi to run LuCI instead of the standard uhttpd setup. Before digging any deeper, please first try if the behaviour persists with uhttpd. There's been multiple permission and ubus-rpc related issues with nginx/uswgi in the past.

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Hi @jow ,

Use uhttpd instead of nginx/uswgi, I can not reproduce this issue at uhttpd.

How do I dig deeper? Please help. Thanks.

Reproduce the issue using uswgi, before hitting Save & Apply, open the browser debug console (F12), select the network tab and follow the HTTP requests.

At the same time open an SSH terminal on you router and run ubus monitor.
After the invalid rollback occurred, send a screenshot of the browser network debug tab and the output of the ubus monitor command.


Hi @jow ,

Please check following snapshots. Thanks.
I still keep debug ssh console and browser, if you need more, please let me know.

This is important point?

<- 63d64a8e #90ec0080         invoke: {"objid":-1863581568,"method":"event","data":{"type":"config.change","data":{"package":"wireless"}}}
-> 73d44258 #63d64a8e         invoke: {"objid":-1863581568,"method":"event","data":{"type":"config.change","data":{"package":"wireless"}},"user":"root","group":"root"}
<- 73d44258 #90ec0080         notify: {"objid":-1863581568,"method":"config.change","data":{"config":"wireless"},"no_reply":true}

No, these evens are not important. Can you provide the complete ubus monitor log in text for here?

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Hi @jow ,

Thanks and yes, I can provide it at Monday.

Hi @jow ,

Please check this. https://we.tl/t-o7W9RFp5cT. Thanks.

At line 3288, wwan is disabled.

Mon Dec 20 00:29:31 2021 daemon.notice netifd: Interface 'wwan' is disabled