Which connector to serial flash a router? (Netgear r6220)

I am confused about what connector I need to attempt a recovery of a bricked r6220 (even nmrpflash can't make it work).

I have never used serial before.

I am confronted with choices:

  1. wires with simple connectors and a USB plug at the other end.
  2. a more elaborate circuit board (with LEDs, although no wires)
  3. a 6-in-one device which can handle a range of serial protocols, apparently.

The 6-in-1 device makes me question whether I am (about to) make a mistake with this whole thing. Which protocol do i actually need?

I can see that the question of voltage is important - 3.3V or 5V. I clearly would be working with 5V if I used the first choice, (the simplest), and the others are plural with switches.

Advice appreciated.

I think they are all 3.3V logic or can be to set to 3.3V
you won't be connecting the red wire +5 or +3V anyway
only need GND, TX & RX
it's easy to confuse TX and RX but its not working just swap
as you want one transmit TX to go to the Other's Receive RX
and vise versa
some are labelled as what they are and other what to connect to
if your device has not got pins installed already you may want to order some as well

I do have 2 of these but recovery has always worked with nmrpflash so never had to open it

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