Which APs and routers from which manufacturer

Hello Community, I'm the new one;)
Until about 6 months ago, I had installed Unifi in my house. Because of hardware problems with the CloudKey (risk of fire), I then sold the things and am initially satisfied with my old Synology router.

But now I want to upgrade again and look for 2 AccessPoints that can be operated via POE (like the AP's LR from Unifi).

I also have an old Astaro firewall here, but the AP's cannot manage it.

Which manufacturer can you recommend to me to manage a router and the APs and to control everything via OpenWRT?

what's the definition of manage and control ?

but this might help Tutorial: OpenWrt configuration for router + dumb access points with Ansible playbook for centralised management

OpenWRT doesn’t have any centralized cloud management system like UniFi (or most router manufacturers as of today).
That is half of the idea of the security thing with OpenWRT not to run it through a cloud.

So you can install and run OpenWRT on most types of network devices but they don't know of each other in a management viewpoint.

OpenWrt devices can't control each other like that, you need a management application running on a VM or docker container, like with Ubiquity.

Afaik the only management solution for OpenWrt is OpenWISP, and that works only with OpenWrt devices. https://openwisp.org/whatis.html

Although afaik the Astaro firewall should be an x86 device (a server) with a BIOS interface like a PC so you can probably just plug an USB drive (or swap the internal drive with another drive) with a x86 version of OpenWrt and run OpenWrt on it.

If you can run OpenWrt on it then you can manage that too with OpenWISP.

Thank you for your support.

I read a little today and think that I'm already right here.

As I said, I would like to have a head office. I also found out that my APs from UBNT "AP LR" at that time would even have been able to run with OpenWrt. So I didn't have to sell them at all.

I have just ordered the TP-Link EAP225 and will first try to get everything to work with the Astaro hardware.

With OpenWisp something like Unifi seems to be possible in general. Otherwise I just have to flash and set things up myself.

Thank you first for the answers and I'll see how far I have to annoy you :wink:

Greetings Chris